RFC: 4291
Оригинал: IP Version 6 Addressing Architecture
Предыдущие версии: RFC 1884, RFC 2373, RFC 3513
Категория: Проект стандарта
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Перевод: Мельников Дмитрий Анатольевич

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Приложение B: Changes from RFC 3513

The following changes were made from RFC 3513, «IP Version 6 Addressing Architecture»:

  • The restrictions on using IPv6 anycast addresses were removed because there is now sufficient experience with the use of anycast addresses, the issues are not specific to IPv6, and the GROW working group is working in this area.

  • Deprecated the Site-Local unicast prefix. Changes include the following:

    • Removed Site-Local from special list of prefixes in Section 2.4.

    • Split section titled «Local-use IPv6 Unicast Addresses» into two sections, «Link-Local IPv6 Unicast Addresses» and «Site-Local IPv6 Unicast Addresses».

    • Added text to new section describing Site-Local deprecation.

  • Changes to resolve issues raised in IAB response to Robert Elz appeal. Changes include the following:

    • Added clarification to Section 2.5 that nodes should make no assumptions about the structure of an IPv6 address.

    • Changed the text in Section 2.5.1 and Appendix A to refer to the Modified EUI-64 format interface identifiers with the u bit set to one (1) as universal.

    • Added clarification to Section 2.5.1 that IPv6 nodes are not required to validate that interface identifiers created in Modified EUI-64 format with the u bit set to one are unique.

  • Changed the reference indicated in Section 2.5.4 «Global Unicast Addresses» to RFC 3587.

  • Removed mention of NSAP addresses in examples.

  • Clarified that the x in the textual representation can be one to four digits.

  • Deprecated the «IPv6 Compatible Address» because it is not being used in the IPv6 transition mechanisms.

  • Added the R and P flags to Section 2.7 on multicast addresses, and pointers to the documents that define them.

  • Editorial changes.

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